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Research: ID Based bump maps

Hey! Been playing about with an idea for a type of map for artists to use. Not sure if these have been done before (Probably have somewhere) but thought it would be good to record a video on the idea to introduce it to people :) Hope this is helpful!

Breakdown: So whats the idea? What I set out to create is a type of map that allows you to change how many instances of a texture (scratches, bullet holes, anything really) are placed on a surface. This could end up being helpful for animated textures or just picky art directors :D How does it work? This technique relies on something called channel packing, this will be new to a majority of beginners so here is a brief explanation. Each channel on a colour images has its own values, so you can actually think of a RGB image as 3 separate black and white maps. With this in mind you can "pack" textures together as one image and then separate them in your node network in your chosen software. Below are the channels you see in the video:

Can I have a go? Sure thing! Here's the final images for the scratches and warzone textures, download them and let me know how you do :D

If you get stuck on how to use them just rewatch the video above, good luck!

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